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ZACH LOWE - Senior Consultant

Zach Lowe  

Zach Lowe is a housing and commercial real estate market veteran with over 18 years of experience providing market analysis and development planning services to a wide variety of public and private sector clients. His work has included client engagements in dozens of markets spanning 23 states, providing development planning for more than 100,000 housing units. In addition, his insights have helped municipalities shape their futures and create land use plans and economic development strategies based on market realities and potentials. 

Zach's expertise spans nearly every housing product form in both the for-sale and rental sectors. He has worked extensively on urban infill, transit-oriented, and redevelopment projects and with housing for specialized populations such as low income, senior, and military households. In addition, Zach has helped clients to understand and address the growing housing needs of the Millennial generation. 

A Chicago resident, Zach has worked extensively throughout the City of Chicago and the wider metropolitan area planning for residential developments in the affordable, mixed-income, and market rate sectors. In 2017, he provided residential market analysis for the TOD Plan undertaken in conjunction with the Chicago Transit Authority's Red-Purple Line Modernization project. He also provided housing market input for the 2017 North Branch Framework Plan. His work in the Chicago suburbs has included individual developments as well as larger planning initiatives. Recent assignments included the Comprehensive Plan for the City of Yorkville, as well as residential market work for Urban Street's Veridian development in Schaumburg. 

Education: B.A. English & Communications, The University of Kansas. Memerships: Lambda Alpha International MIRM (Member of the Institute of Residential Marketing).In 2011, Zach founded Development Planning Partners, a Chicago-based real estate market research and planning consultancy. Prior to that, he served as Director of Client Services for Tracy Cross & Associates, a housing market research firm based in Schaumburg. 

He is a board member of the Ely Chapter of Lambda Alpha International, the honorary society for the advancement of land economics. In 2007, he was awarded the MIRM (Member of the Institute of Residential Marketing) designation, representing the highest attainable level of expertise in residential real estate marketing, from the National Association of Home Builders.